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The IRS and state taxing authorities can make your life miserable if they believe you owe taxes. Unfortunately, they can be relentless and will not go away if you try to ignore them. They can and will take drastic measures to reclaim the money they believe you owe. Instead of feeling stuck and scared, explore your options and protect yourself with an experienced attorney that will advocate for your rights.

Kresch Tax Resolution Services can offer strategies to favorably resolve your tax problems using our knowledge of tax and bankruptcy laws, and our extensive negotiation experience. We will analyze your tax problems and make recommendations that take into account your financial circumstances and goals.

Depending on your situation, we can: negotiate a reduction of your taxes, eliminate your taxes through bankruptcy, negotiate a favorable installment agreement, and negotiate a reduction or waiver of penalties and fees. Our goal is finding the best solution to eliminate or reduce your tax debt, and avoid or remove a tax lien, levy or garnishment. We are committed to representing our clients aggressively and professionally.

With offices in Greenbelt, Maryland and Tenleytown, D.C., we represent clients throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia.

If you have been contacted by the IRS, Comptroller of Maryland or DC Office of Tax and Revenue, contact Kresch Tax Resolution Services without delay for a free consultation.

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