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Identity Theft - Fraudulent Refunds

Lawyer for Tax Identity Theft & Stolen Refunds

You may discover that you have been a victim of tax identity theft if:

  • A return has already been filed using your social security number or that of your spouse or child,
  • The IRS sends you a letter indicating that it has identified a suspicious return using your social security number,
  • The IRS does not accept your dependent because that person has already been claimed,
  • You have been notified that you owe additional tax,
  • You have a collection action taken against you or
  • The IRS determines that you have income from an employer for whom you did not work.

The identity thieves can use your social security number, or that of your spouse or child, to file a fraudulent tax return claiming a refund. They can file a tax return, purportedly filed by you, to receive a large refund using false income and withholding on fictitious Forms W-2. They can also use your social security number and make you responsible for their taxes on income.

Identity thieves file fraudulent returns early in the tax season before you have a chance to file your return. By filing early, the IRS is not able to verify the W-2 income since the IRS receives W-2 verification information well after the start of the filing season. Identity thieves exploit this information gap by filing fraudulent refund claims early in the filing season and by giving instructions to have the refunds direct deposited into their accounts. Kresch Tax Resolution Services can help you with your identity theft problems.

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